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We made a bad choice and bought a propane fireplace

There is nothing like coming home to a warm, cozy house in the middle of the winter.

I dread going out during the winter months, but I love to just sit inside by our fireplace and read a good book.

It is so relaxing. Sadly, our fireplace stopped working a few weeks ago, so we had to buy a new one. We used to have an electric fireplace, but we decided to switch from electric to propane. My husband has a friend who sells propane, and he said he would sell it to us at a discounted price. We knew that we would save quite a bit of money by switching to a propane fireplace. I had a bad feeling about switching, but it was not based on anything except that I loved my electric fireplace, and I was afraid that I would not love our new one quite as much. We bought a propane fireplace, and my husband got it all installed. We actually bought it used for a very good price. It looked brand new, but we soon found out that it was not. As soon as we lit the fireplace, black smoke started coming out. That was not supposed to happen. We realized that there one a sticker inside the fireplace that was burning. It took about an hour, but we finally got the sticker off. I then realized that propane had a very strong smell, and it made me sick. Although it did not leak propane, I could still smell it for some reason, and it was bad. I told my husband that I did not think that I could deal with the smell, so long story short, we ended up putting it up for sale and buying another electric fireplace.


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