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The furnace in our camper has been acting up recently

It sounded like it was about to blow

I love to go camping! There is nothing like the relaxation of a good, long camping trip. Many of my friends think that it is more work to go camping than to just stay at home, but I really do not think it is. I have to admit that camping has become a lot more relaxing and nice since my husband and I bought a camper. It is so much easier to just make sure the camper is stalked and cleaned than it is to have to set up a tent and everything that goes with it. My husband and I have only went tent camping a few times, and that is because we tend to camp during the late fall or early winter months. There is no one else camping, and it is so nice and peaceful. We have been having some problems with our camper’s furnace recently, and it really has both of us a little worried. My husband told me that the furnace shut off randomly one night when he and his buddies were camping a few weeks ago. He woke up to a freezing cold camper, and it was not pleasant to say the least. He turned the furnace on manually, and it fired right up. We did not have any issues with it until two nights ago. It started making an awful noise. It was very loud and high pitched. It sounded like it was about to blow. I was panicking, but my husband took it quite calmly. It shut off on its own last night once again, but thankfully, it happened before we went to bed so that we could turn it back on right away. We are definitely going to have to get it checked out!

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