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My new air conditioner is amazing

I am one of those people who milk my birthday like crazy. I am well over twenty-five now, and I still like to make a big deal about my birthday. I can remember as a little girl, my parents did not do much to celebrate birthdays. They would just tell us kids happy birthday and every once in awhile we would get a birthday card. The first birthday that I can remember celebrating was my eighteenth birthday, and that was because one of my best friends threw me a birthday party. My husband knows how much I love to celebrate birthdays, so he makes a big deal about my birthday. We basically celebrate it all month long. This year for my birthday, I told my husband that I really wanted a new air conditioner. We had had the same air conditioner since we first got married twenty years ago, and it was getting old. It made some strange howling noises sometimes, and it did not do the greatest job at cooling the downstairs. It was relatively small as well which did not help. My husband was totally cool with getting me an air conditioner for my birthday, so when the day finally came we went air conditioner shopping. It was actually a lot of fun. We ended up getting two air conditioners. One of them for the downstairs, and one for upstairs. Ever since then, we have been enjoying our nice, cool house. My husband ended up surprising me with another gift the day after my birthday, but I think my favorite gift was the air conditioners!


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