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Building manager knows his AC repairs

No one would accuse my job as being in the life of luxury, but it’s not disappointing to go to the office.

The way I see it if I can get a decent wage, a tight schedule with saturdays off, in addition to 2 weeks of paid vacation each year.

So who am I to complain? I am part time handyman, part time custodian, in addition to official maintenance man for the apartment building where I am living. I handle emergencies when they come up, but otherwise work a normal 9 to 5 schedule around the site. I have a couple of younger men that work for me now, in addition to they aren’t bad but none one of them get the first thing about AC repairs. I never went to school for A/C repair, so everything I know about fixing up an air conditioner comes from field experience. I have been on the job a long time, so over the years I’ve received a few things about heating in addition to cooling systems. These younger men will learn, in time, they just don’t get a lot of opportunity to mess around with them since I tend to deal with all the Heating in addition to A/C problems, and learning how to repair AC means that you have to fail most of the time. This is how you can figure out how to do it right. Maybe one morning the manager of the building will spend money to send them to take some Heating in addition to A/C classes at the local school. That would be nice.



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