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Finding ways to make the apartment smell better

Everyone handles a break up different.

I have never been easily great at being canned, in addition to when Trent called it quits I had a rough time for a few months.

I stayed in my flannel pants, lived almost easily on chocolate and candy, in addition to never once thought about doing my hair. It took me a while to process it, in addition to another while to be ok with it, but finally I got to a point where I was glad Trent was gone, in addition to I was ready to transfer on with my life. It was only then that I noticed how disgusting the air quality in my condo had become. The stink of old feet in addition to old food clung to the walls love excess humidity, in addition to it was going to take more than a dehumidifier to get rid of that foul odor. Of course there was also real humidity on the walls that formed mold. So I did use my dehumidifier, but that was only a section of my house-wide makeover. I opened the doors in addition to windows for lots of natural ventilation in addition to fresh air, using the heavy breeze to clear out the disappointing memories. After I got the air quality back to a fresher level I turned on the A/C in addition to started running it on its highest setting for a few mornings at all times. I always use the greatest, fattest HEPA air filter I am able to, in addition to it does wonders for cleaning out the disgusting matter from the air.



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