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Fake it until you make it

My dad’s buddy Carlos and I were not close.

I had only met him a few times in my adult life, and he always seemed okay to me.

He was friendly enough, but he was just an old childhood friend of my dad who stayed a neighbor in addition to superb friend of my dad for decades. So Carlos never had kids of his own, which lead to something quite unexpected when he passed away last year. With no kids to leave things to he had to do something with his stuff. So in his will he had left his condo to my sibling in addition to his liquid assets to my parents. He had saved the best for last, in addition to left his tiny Heating in addition to A/C maintenance supplier to me. This was quite a shock to me, not only because I barely knew the dude, but because I had never expressed any interest in the Heating in addition to A/C industry. As I came to find out, running a supplier requires a particular set of skills, in addition to knowing how to repair ac units was not needed for the A/C maintenance business. Carlos had a trained a small person crew of Heating in addition to A/C techs, that between them had over 12 years of experience in the field. They could handle all the Heating in addition to A/C maintenance works no issues at all, all I needed to do was run the rest of the business. I had some experience in an office setting, so I was in over my head but unlike Heating in addition to A/C maintenance I could pretend my way through it.


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