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Finding a way to heat that freezing house

We thought that hanging out in a remote condo was going to be a superb time… We thought it would be a great relaxing trip, what idiots all of us were! As town folk, neither one of us had any clue how much work rural life would be, so all of us drove out into the center of nowhere to stay at my cousin’s condo by the lake, and the lake was fully frozen over, which looked cool but basically meant our condo was laying on a giant ice block! I suppose they say heat rises in addition to freezing air will sink down, but with this much ice the condo was an ice chest! There was a wood burning oil furnace in the heart of the main room, in addition to thankfully layers of firewood in addition to flint along the wall.

I got a fire going while my girlfriend unpacked, in addition to within a few moments all of us had a strong heating source blazing away in the middle of the cabin.

The only woe was that the air was so freezing the oil furnace only felt superb within a few feet range. The heating would not get to the other side of the room, nonetheless our kitchen in the other end. The arena had power, thankfully, but all of us couldn’t find a control unit which meant there was no heater in addition to A/C method in the arena. After a little hunting around all of us found an electric space heating system in the back of one of the closets.


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