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Our new heater has great features

I hated the idea of needing to buy a new furnace, but I knew it was necessary. My furnace was really old and I had been having many problems with it. I didn’t have enough money to buy a new furnace at this time, so I bought a space heater instead. I thought the space heater would help to supplement the heating and work with the furnace. I like to do my research before I buy something. I did my research on the heater before purchasing it. After I find what I want, I read the instructions all the way through before setting it up. I didn’t want to purchase one space heater because there were some complaints about the coils being a possible fire hazard if they come in contact with curtains, or other flammables. I like my home, and I didn’t want it to be burned down. I decided to go with a radiant gas heater. The heater itself didn’t get hot, so I didn’t need to worry about anyone or anything, getting burned. I also read that not only is the space heater safer, but it also allows the humidity to stay in the air so it doesn’t get too dry. One of the best things about the space heater was the safety feature that had the heater turned off if it was tipped over. The heater would also turn off if it started to overheat. I especially like the fact that this space heater had a thermostat. With the thermostat I wouldn’t need to wonder if I had set the temperature properly. The thermostat is easy to read and in a very conspicuous area.

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