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My space heater is leaking fluids

He wanted to make sure the space heater had good ratings and that it was energy efficient

Everyone gets mad at me because of how clumsy I am. It’s not like I trip on purpose, because it is totally accidental. I have tripped over and broken so many things, that my husband is not happy with me. He says I am driving him crazy. I know that I have broken a couple of things that has been nothing but a mess to clean up. Last week, I caused the biggest mess ever when I knocked over the radiant space heater. It wasn’t the first time I had tripped over it, because it had several dents on the fins of the air vents. This time, it wasn’t such a simple trip. When the radiant space heater tipped, one of the loops broke and hot oil was pouring out onto my floor. I tried to grab a paper towel and catch the oil, but it was so hot that it burned my hand. My husband made me hold my hand under cold water, while he cleaned up the mess. I think he was only partially angry at me, but he was totally upset with the space heater. He had taken a month to research that space heater. He wanted to make sure the space heater had good ratings and that it was energy efficient. He also wanted to know that it had the safety features that he wanted for the space heater. The fact that it was noted as being the safest of all the space heater, was what had him buying the space heater. He told me that either I was the best at being clumsy, or there was a fault with the space heater.


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