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Our zoo should have air conditioning

I know how much my kids love the zoo, but I am not such a lover.

Every time they bring up going to the zoo, I try to change their minds. I have good reasons for not liking the zoo. I can’t understand how people can stand the smell in the zoo. There is so much fresh air flowing through the zoo, that it should be able to dissipate the odors. I don’t know of anything that could stop all of those foul smells. I also don’t like needing to be outside in the sun all day long. I know how painful sunburns can be, not to mention getting all sweaty. I have often wondered why the zoo people don’t just put all of the animals into enclosures, like those houses where they keep the snakes. I can’t imagine any of these animals actually enjoy being out in the sun all of the time. I think they would even enjoy getting some air conditioning. I would love to be able to go through all of the animal exhibits and have perfect climate control. There would be no humidity and the temperatures would always be at 70 degrees. I wouldn’t need to smell the odors. The animals would still be in their own habitats, but well protected from the people and the sun. I’m sure that everything could be simulated for the animals. I guess that having air conditioning in the entire zoo, while being inside, is probably a bit to ask. I don’t think it would hurt to talk to all of the head zoo people and give them my HVAC ideas.


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