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The thermostats and HVAC units need replaced

My home has been through many years with my family and I.

We have been really happy with our home.

When we first bought it we were a bit perplexed over the fact that there wasn’t a furnace or an air conditioning unit in the house. The realtor had to show us that there were HVAC units hanging on the walls every room. She showed us the main condenser unit, and explained that these units were just air handlers. The people who had owned this house had understood the importance of energy efficiency and they had gone with mini multi split units, even before most people had ever heard of multi split HVAC systems. Now they had to be about twenty-five years old, and they were beginning to act up. I was hoping it was just the thermostats that were going bad, but I was wrong. My thermostats needed changed, but I also needed a HVAC system. I called the HVAC company and asked them about HVAC. I told them I wanted the same kind of heating that I had now. When they showed up, they told me that I had to call an electrician because everything was hardwired into the house. I called an electrician, thinking that I was just going to be laughed at for wanting him to help me get a HVAC system. He showed up and he was able to put new HVAC systems into the house and add the thermostat. I never even considered that a HVAC system could be replaced by an electrician.



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