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A Smart Thermostat should have a smart person

I am nearing seventy, and I swear by the adage of not teaching old dogs new tricks.

The problem is that I don’t think I can survive in a world that is more technologically advanced than I ever dreamed was possible. I couldn’t tell you how to use a computer because I don’t want to learn. I was totally throw for a loop when they took my dial phone and gave me a smartphone. I thought that you had to be smart to use that phone, and I must have been right. I have had my smartphone for six months now, and all I know how to do is answer the phone and make a call. I called my grandson the other day and I told him that I thought there was something wrong with my thermostat. I told him to bring me a thermostat that was just like the one I had. He brought me a Smart Thermostat. I wasn’t happy with this Smart Thermostat and I told my grandson that as he put an ‘app’ on my telephone. He showed me what the app was and he tried to tell me how easy it would be to use my phone to control the Smart Thermostat. After a month of learning how to change the temperature, I had to figure out how to change from air conditioning to heating. All I was able to do was turn the temperature up and down. I called my grandson and told him he had to teach me to use this Smart Thermostat or trade it out for my old dial thermostat.

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