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The gym is without a furnace

I looked in the mirror one day, and I saw what I imagined my girlfriend saw.

I was a puny, scrawny wimp who had no muscle tone and wasn’t strong enough to even lift the bar on a bench press.

I had been thinking about proposing to my girlfriend, but I wanted to be a better man when I married her. I decided it was time to go to a gym and start working out. The gym wasn’t pretty, but it wasn’t expensive either. They had me lifting weights and sweating, more than I had thought possible. I was going every day for a while, but then I went in one day and the furnace had broken. It was so cold in the gym that I was shivering, and I was also hoping they would just tell me they were closing the gym until the HVAC was repaired. Instead of telling me to go home, he laughed at me for worrying about there not be a furnace. He told me that he wanted me to learn how to work out and make my own heat. I was lifting and challenging myself to newer heights than I had ever reached. I found myself sweating badly and wondering why they hadn’t turned the air conditioning on. I learned one important lesson that day, and all because I was facing a workout without a furnace. I learned that I was able to do anything I wanted to, regardless of the conditions. When I got home that afternoon, I called my girlfriend and told her to be ready for a fantastic evening. I was going to ask her to marry me.

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