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You can’t neglect the air ducts

If I could change some things about how I built my house, I would likely choose a different type of heating and cooling system. Even though I did a lot of planning and researching when deciding what types of appliances to use, I never considered using anything other than the typical heating and cooling system that was on the market. I would much prefer to have a radiant flooring system than the one I now have. The radiant flooring system sends heat through coils that are installed beneath the floors throughout a home. They are supposed to be really efficient, and many of my acquaintances have mentioned having this types of system. I always hear good things about radiant flooring, which makes me even more frustrated with what I now have. My HVAC system blows heated air through ducts and into the rooms where there are air vents. But what I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t always reach every part of the rooms evenly.  This leads to some hot and some cool spots throughout my home. I live in an area that has very cold and very snowy winters. And I want to be warm in comfortable in my own house, no matter the season. My utility bills are much higher than what I’d like them to be as well. And I understand that radiant flooring systems are much more efficient and less costly in the long run. I guess people who don’t live in a snowy region of the country can’t understand how important a good heating system can be. Because I don’t enjoy winter sports, I spend most of my time in the house in the winter months, so it’s very important that I have the best heating system on the market.

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