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I live in the northeastern part of the country, and both of us are known for the severity of our Winter weather.

My local area is often referred to as the “snow belt.” Our proximity to a single of the larger Great Lakes results in a tremendous amount of snowfall and especially cold temperatures, then for approximately 8 months, both of us endure below-freezing conditions and are forced to rely on the gas furnace. It takes awhile for our weather to finally hot up in the Spring, and both of us usually don’t appreciate more than a couple months of summer. Because of this, there’s no need to invest in a central cooling system, and however, box fans and open windows aren’t enough to keep us cool on those hot afternoons and evenings. The temperature occasionally climbs into the high eighties or even low nineties, and both of us deal with excessive humidity. Trying to sleep at evening is just about impossible. To combat the heat and humidity, I’ve invested in portable air conditioners for each of the home offices in our home. These compact cooling units are the perfect solution. Each air conditioner only cost me about $150, and they are easy to install into the windows in the Spring and remove in the fall. The independent air conditioners allow each family member to customize comfort to their preference. Because both of us only run the air conditioner at evening, they don’t make a big impact on our quarterly electric bill. Modern air conditioners are also quite energy efficient. The systems operate quietly, are powerful enough to handle demand and effectively filter the air. They keep the home offices much cleaner and healthier. The units require no repair beyond cleaning the filters every month, and operate reliably. They feature wireless remote control, which is super convenient. Every one of us don’t even need to get out of bed to make adjustment to temperature or fan speed.


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