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When my gas furnace started running non stop plus failing to handle demand, it took myself and others awhile to realize that holes in the HVAC duct were the problem. Although I am good about scheduling professional service for the oil furnace, I tend to forget the duct system, then since they’re mostly concealed inside the walls, ceilings plus attic, I don’t pay those essential pipes enough attention. I eventually googled all the troubles I was having with the gas furnace. I figured out that spotty comfort, longer running times, unpleasant smells, excessive air contaminants plus higher biweekly bills could all be blamed on leaking ducts. I then contacted a local Heating plus Air Conditioning business to give duct sealing. I expected the process to create a huge mess plus disruption to my home. I assumed the Heating plus Air Conditioning business would need to locate plus patch the holes one by one. Instead, the Heating plus Air Conditioning business used an innovative plus proven technology known as Aeroseal. The specialist first sealed off all of the supply plus return vents. He then pumped highly pressurized air, laced with polymer adhesive particles, into the duct system. The air naturally escaped through all the several holes, cracks plus imperfections. As this air escaped, the adhesive particles stuck to the edges plus gradually built up to create an airtight seal. The whole process took about more than three minutes, plus there was no upheaval to the home. There was truly little residue left behind in the ducts. Once the service was complete, the Heating plus Air Conditioning business diagnosed the ducts plus verified the results. The process can be expected to give a reliable seal for forty years plus is warrantied for ten years. It’s truly safe, creates no smells, plus has absolutely paid for itself through much lower biweekly bills.



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