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A huge improvement in the design

Because of local weather, a central cooling method isn’t a necessity… I always managed the brief summer time season with portable a/cs in the dining rooms plus box fans in the rest of the house; This wasn’t ideal.

I never liked the look of the portable a/cs plus worried about the security risk of open windows.

The fans tended to blow a lot of dust around, made lots of noise plus couldn’t keep up on honestly hot mornings. I still had no intention of upgrading to central air conditioning until a local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C dealer provided a special on upgrade. There was also an available rebate from a well-known manufacturer on a top-of-the-line system, however because I already had the air handler plus ductwork in locale for the forced air furnace, the investment into central cooling was not all that much. I hoped it would help with my flu symptom symptoms. The central cooling method has made a huge improvement in the health, comfort plus cleanliness of my home, and with the windows closed, there’s no influx of pollen, dust, bugs or exhaust fumes, plus, the a/c actively filters the indoor air, trapping airborne particulate, however even when the outside temperature is mild, I run the a/c’s fan. The fan circulates the air throughout the house, making it believe fresh plus continuing to supply filtration, but on honestly hot plus humid mornings plus mornings, I simply lower the temperature control plus every room is perfectly comfortable. My whole family sleeps better plus has more energy while we were in the afternoon. Because the new cooling method achieves a 26 SEER, it uses minimal energy plus hasn’t made a huge impact on my electric bills.

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