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A cool room in the place

My husbandy recently moved in with me. Our relationship has been getting serious plus the people I was with and I both figured it was time to try out living together. This is apparently a big step, as you don’t actually suppose someone until you absolutely live in the same space as them. I have been relieved to discover that acclimating to living with his has gone quite smoothly. In fact, it’s a blast! The two of us have actually been enjoying each other’s supplier plus I’ve noticed that there has one less thing that I have to worry about when it comes to living with her: the control unit. Luckily, he seems to have actually similar temperature preferences to mine. I was particularally surprised when he wanted to set an even lower temperature on the control component around bedtime. I thought my setting would be too cold for her, but it turns out he wanted it even colder! I actually love sleeping in a nice cool room at night with that a/c blasting, plus it turns out he enjoys it even more! That right there solves a host of concerns! She has even commended myself and others on now awesome my temperature control method is. Apparently, he had to toil with far less at the lake house he used to live in, he told myself and others he didn’t have any central heating plus air in that apartment, plus that it was only window a/c units plus space heating systems that he had. I can hardly know that, but I’m all too happy that he gets to appreciate far better temperature control these days with me!

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