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A rather mild situation to be in

I’ve always been more comfortable with the natural temperature of the outside world.

  • To be fair, I live in a rather mild climate, so I enjoyed moderate temperatures throughout the year growing up.

I don’t believe in climate control near as much as some of the people around here. I keep my windows and even sometimes my doors open quite a lot. I will admit that part of it as saving money. My electric bill sure is nice and low most of the time. However, it’s also about being comfortable with what nature provides in terms of temperature and humidity level. I bet it won’t come as any surprise that I like to camp out a lot. This is some of the best country to do it in! I find it a little more difficult to convince my friends to come along. Many of them are quite different than me when it comes to how much they love climate control. Most often, when I visit a friend in the summer, I find that they’re using air conditioner when it’s not even necessary. Opening a window or two will give you a nice cool cross breeze for free, for goodness sake! There’s not even all that many bugs to contend with around here. Different strokes for different folks I guess. Maybe I am a little too in tune with nature. Funny thing is, I have perfectly functional heating and air conditioning units that I maintain rather well. As content as I am with the weather around hear, it pays to be prepared!


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