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The danger of blizzards

You don’t mess around with blizzards in my town. They’re a common occurrence every winter, and just like people who have to deal with hurricanes in warmer areas, we have learned to acclimate to winter storms. Ideally, you want to be in the comfort of your own home during a bad storm. You also want to be able to rest assured that your furnace or other such heating unit can be relied on to keep you warm throughout the entirety of the snowstorm. I also remember that my family invested in a generator in case we lost power and suddenly didn’t have the use of our central heating unit. It really was that serious when it came to winter storms and extremely low temperatures. However, I remember one year where I was returning home from a road trip farther down south. The weather was much less ugly where I started out from, and it helped me to forget that I would be heading back home into blizzard territory. I don’t even remember how it was that I was not informed of the storm ahead closer to home. Maybe I just blew it off and figured I could make it anyway. Long story short, I got stuck in the snow. I was annoyingly close to home, yet I most certainly had to rely on my heating unit in my vehicle to keep me alive for most of the rest of that night. Just before dawn the storm was really starting to clear up. I looked at the fuel gauge in my vehicle and thanked the Lord that I had not run out of gas, and thus heat, throughout the entire night.
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