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What to do when your ads no longer work

The internet is growing more every day and the world of digital SEO is growing right along with it.

  • No matter what your company is, you need to know how online ads work.

I have my own HVAC company and I never thought that digital SEO would work for me. It wasn’t until I hired a professional digital SEO company. Over the past couple years, my website had quit pulling in any business. I did a search for local HVAC companies and my company didn’t even come up in the list. I talked to a SEO specialist and he explained the reasons it wasn’t working. A website needs to be built so it can have keywords incorporated right into into. These keywords are words that your potential clients are searching for. For my website, these words would be words like radiant flooring and central air. The internet has so many web pages that my website just wasn’t coming up in the search. When I hired a digital SEO company to get me back in the search, I had to pay for Google Ads while I waited for the magic to begin. The SEO specialist told me that it can take a couple weeks until the SEO works so in the meantime, I paid for some Google Ads. After about four weeks, I had more traffic than I knew what to do with. I had a good place in the internet search and a brand that was redesigned, and my website is absolutely amazing. I would never have been able to do this on my own.


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