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Warranty And Superb Service

When I purchased my brand new and up-to-date Heating & A/C proposal a year ago, I didn’t consider all the benefits that came along with it! I was then having concerns setting the control component and wasn’t certain if I was maintaining the unit respectfully, so I gave the Heating & A/C company a call.

  • However, when I spoke to the nice professional on the phone, they informed me that my Heating & A/C proposal was still under a several year warranty! Apparently, as I had the up-to-date unit installed, not only was it deeply discounted it also came with this great warranty! Most of their Heating & A/C professionals were tied up that afternoon, however they then sent someone over to my condo early on the following afternoon.

When he arrived on time, I told him of my concerns and he went and did his thing. Thankfully, he said there really wasn’t any major cause for concerns that he could see. But he did replace the air filter considering it was jammed with pollen and debris. However he then told me it was sort of normal to replace the air filter after a few weeks while we were in the Winter time to Spring time transition due to all the excess pollen! When I acquired our bill in the mail the next week, I was shocked to discover that it was 100% covered by that warranty! My receipt also had with it a company card saying the next appointment would be in 4 weeks from then. All I had to do then was call and try to confirm a time. They would reach out much closer to the date. I’m so thankful that I chose to work with this Heating & A/C dealer!

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