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That was perfect for me

My brother Thomas is a whiz when it comes to Building Management.  Building Management isn’t what it used to to be. It isn’t being the supervisor of a building, it actually the process of keeping a building running smoothly.  My brothers knows quite a bit about Building Management and Building Automation. I know absolutely nothing about Building Management. Thomas has been working in Building Management for over ten years now.  He is in charge of the building’s Electrical Power Monitoring System. I know that I laugh at him when I think about his being in charge of the integrated HVAC system. I think it sounds terribly boring to be working in this field of work.  I guess that my brother really like it. He loves taking on the challenge of troubleshooting the problems that arise and taking care of any difficult situations. He was always mechanically inclined and he has always liked working with anything electrical.  I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when he decided to start working in Building Automation and Building Management. I think it could be interesting to work with HVAC automation, but the other stuff just seems to be a lot of technical jargon and it doesn’t make much sense to me.  I don’t understand a single word when he starts talking about BAC net protocol controls, but maybe he can’t understand what I am talking about when I begin talking about my job either. If he likes being able to keep a building running smoothly and the HVAC systems all running well, then more power to him.

protocol controls 

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