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I hoped out of bed nice and warm

There is a huge basement in our house and at one point, we thought it would make a great usable space.  There was already HVAC already installed in the basement, so we finished off the space. We never gave a thought to the fact that at one time in our life, we would no longer have a need to use the basement on a regular basis.  Now, we are faced with trying to figure out how to shut the heating and air conditioning off, in the basement. There was never a thermostat put into the basement, so the HVAC system is running all of the time to heat and cool that area.  We tried some pretty crazy ways to keep the heating and AC from getting into the basement, but none of them worked. We tried blocking the air vents with furniture, but the air still managed to escape from underneath the furniture. We tried blocking the air vents with cardboard and even putting carpeting over the air vents.  Somehow, the heating and air conditioning was still finding a way to escape into the basement. It got to the point where we had to call the HVAC company to ask them how we could shut off the HVAC in the basement. We couldn’t figure out why the people who installed the HVAC into the basement, had not installed a shut off valve.  I’m pretty sure the HVAC company should be able to install a thermostat to give us some control over the heating and air conditioning. We would still like to use it for parties once in a while, so we don’t want the HVAC to be permanently shut off.

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