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Mission controls

A couple months ago, our local museum was getting ready to host a collection of the Crown jewels and they wanted to have their security system updated.  They had not planned for this security system update, so they hadn’t budgeted the money when they did their yearly budget. Since it was going to more for insurance fees if the the Crown jewels were stolen, we decided that we couldn’t afford to not upgrade our security system.  We hired one of the top security companies to come in and give us a quote on the updated security system. The installer was very professional when he showed up. He was able to point out area we had never considered as being areas for possible security breaches. We hired the company to installed motion cameras, automated alarms and integrated lighting.  If someone who was not authorized to be in the area were to show up, the authorities would be notified immediately. It was an intricate system that allowed the security company to be able to see every area of the museum that needed to be seen. We felt that the Crown jewels would be safe and that any future special exhibits would also be well protected. It just made sense to the museum curators to pay a good security company to monitor the museum or to monitor a home.  The nominal fee saves on insurance costs and it pays for itself if you are ever to have a break-in. Insurance companies allow special discounts for people who have a home security system. This in itself makes it worth having a home security system.


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