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The building is totally automated

I worked for a national insurance chain. We have more than 98,000 employees working in our business. We deal with cars, trucks, sailboats, and recreational vehicles. Our supplier has been in supplier for 35 years. A year ago, the crew of us broke ground on a new building. The new building is highly classy. The lightning, Heating & Air Conditioning devices, and security are all handled through a building automation program. The indoor lighting are programmed on a time delay, and the outdoor lights are solar. The complete Heating & Air Conditioning program is run from a special control room. There are 6 monitors that accurately show up the indoor hot and cold temperatures, humidity amounts, and even CO2 amounts. We always have a certified BAS director in the complete room. They look over our automation program and show for anything out of the norm; Right now, things have been super great. We had a small concern last Monday, when the RFID cards were not going well. Each employee has a certain  RFID, but every card scan was registering with a card error. We had to call the security repair team to investigate and maintenance the concern. Since the locks run off the card reader, no 1 could come into the building. We had a few employees standing outside in the chill, while the two of us waited for the security team to come by. With no way to override the security amounts, the two of us were stuck outside in the cold air and weather conditions. I miss the aged afternoons, when the two of us had key lock and key entry to the building.

DDC controls 

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