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There are no bees allowed

When the two of us dwelled in this larger beach house near the woods, the two of us always had the same big problem during summer. Our Beach Place had siding of Cedar, and a single morning it was easy to see immense bees nesting in our Second Story home. I literally saw at least a thousand different bees near the house walls, and the two of us had no way to fix the problem. Both of us could no longer rest near the beach place, because we knew the bees were there flying around the hole under a single part of our home. The frightening area for this fact is knowing that the two of us spend time in the playroom and can hear most of the humming and buzzing from bees. Sometimes you can hear those pests chewing the wood pulp near the walls. It’s definitely the stuff of evening dreams. I would easily have myself a disappointing dream just to see these pouring from a dry hole in the wall. One of those mornings, I easily placed my hand near the wall and found the dampness. Seemed like honey. There wasn’t a single doubt these bees were not wasps, especially after realizing the stickiness seemed to be honey. We ended up contacting Abel relocation service. The bee relocation service came to our home and took the bees away. They were wearing protective suits, and we found out that these honey bees were part of a protected species. They were going to take those Critters to a farm on the side of town.

bee colonies 

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