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Need that furnace to die

My gas furnace just won’t die! I have been waiting for our heating plan to die for more than 2 years now. I heard that a gas furnace can last 10-12 years. Mine is pushing twenty years old. I guess it is living so long because for the first half of the gas furnace’s life it was good. I was great about heating service plus getting a gas furnace service right when it occurred. The gas furnace got oiled plus lubricated once a year. The gas furnace filter was changed religiously. I don’t want our gas gas furnace anymore though. I want to update to a boiler plan in the home. A boiler is more powerful, new plus can be hidden in the basement. I can even use the boiler to heat the family water or even the swimming pool by hooking pipes to it. The only snag is that the gas furnace just won’t die so I can update it with the boiler. I won’t take out a gas furnace that still works. I don’t guess how our gas furnace still is going though. I have stopped all our care for it. A Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier has not been in the lake home for years. The gas furnace does not get cleaned or lubricated anymore. I am pretty lax on filter changes now. I frequently forget to turn it off on a sizzling afternoon too. The gas furnace should be over finally working itself plus dying right? Apparently I have the terminator of all gas furnace systems. It just keeps coming back plus back. At this point it is going last longer than me. Eventually I will move to a unusual location. The gas furnace might outlive me.


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