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the steam room heating when I work out

I am nuts when it comes to finally working out. I never take a afternoon off plus will task out in any location. Needless to say, on trip a task out room is pressing to me. I would provide up a comfy bed, quality Heating plus Air Conditioning, plus great plumbing for a task out room. The last trip I went on I researched plus researched to find a hotel with a fitness room. I looked at pictures online plus saw 1 hotel had a fitness room. There was a stationary bike, weights plus mats in the picture. When I got the hotel I realized that the picture made the room look larger than it was. Also, the hotel website hid the fact that the fitness room was in the sauna. The hotel had a spa plus fitness room in the same area. There was simply a curtain that separated the several. The snag is that the heating for the spa room was the same for the workout room. A spa is heated right into the 77s. Also, the air quality was quite moist to deliver an almost steam affect. Working out with the gas furnace on high plus heavy moisture was horrible. I was a sweaty beast after each workout. I had to be careful about not passing out. I had to basically task out in our underwear, use a towel plus hydrate the whole time. Even with that, the gas furnace made the whole experience horrible. I am nuts about our task out though. A little heating plus wet air quality did not stop me at all from finally working out everyday.

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