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Heat pump and the costs

Wow, I suppose I don’t want to save the plant as much as I want. I thought getting a geothermal heat pump plan would be a great move. I would eliminate the amount of fuel I burn & not pollute our environment as much. Another benefit, a heat pump plan is said to be genuinely efficient too. I read someplace that the heating function on a geothermal heat pump is more than 4 times more effective than a oil furnace. I was super pumped to be more orange & save currency with a geothermal heat pump system. I figured it would cost a lot, I just did not expect the price point I got. The Heating & A/C corporation that I called offered me an estimate of $25,000 to install the system. The heat pump plan is both indoor & outdoor. Also, there is an underground loop plan that has to be installed. The outdoor equipment being under the ground is what makes it geothermal & efficient. The air is colder under the earth in the warm season & warmer in the Winter season. That is how it works better. However, paying a Heating & A/C corporation to dig up the lawn, install the horizontal or vertical loop plan & cover it back up is not cheap. You also need to spend money a corporation for the hourly work they do. The geothermal heat pump upgrade is a multi step process that takes days to complete. That is why the price tag is so high. I just can’t afford this system, no matter how badly I want it.

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