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Central air should be updated

At the end of the summer season, our air conditioning stopped working on me. Since there were only a few weeks left of the hot weather, our wife as well as I decided we would just suck it up as well as save up money to upgrade the air conditioning before this coming summer season. Now, the Wintertime is coming to an end as well as it’s time for us to make a decision on what model we should install. My wife wants to install a central cooling plan in which we can use the pre existing duct work in our home. However, I am interested in adding onto that HVAC duct so that we can have zone controlled temperatures within our home. I believe that this would be fantastic for us as well as our adolescents. The people I was with and I have numerous adolescents that are always wrestling as well as playing. They always complain that the new home is too warm, but our wife as well as I disagree. The people I was with and I keep the temperature set around 70 degrees, as well as we don’t want it any cooler. With zone control, we could keep their kitchens as well as the play room a few degrees cooler so that the adolescents are more comfortable. I am also interested in getting a smart temperature control. I am someone who loves to have all the bells as well as whistles. If I am making a purchase, I want to get the newest as well as coolest model. However, our wife feels that this is a waste of money. She doesn’t think we need to spend extra money on costly features as well as zone controls, but believes that we just need a functioning air conditioning machine for the house. As long as the new home is cool, she’ll be ecstatic. I called a local heating as well as cooling supplier for estimates. I am hoping that the features I want will be reasonably priced so that I can convince our wife that it’s worth the expense.

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