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Messing with our heater and a/c settings

I always assumed living in a large modern home would be the ultimate life as an adult.  I lived in cramped apartments growing up with my family and dreamed of open space for as long as I can remember.  Having to always share family rooms with siblings you barely get along with is frustrating, and I can’t say university was much different.  I went into banking and finance with the sole purpose of becoming wealthy enough to afford things like a large modern home or decadent belongings.  But now that I have been living in a modern home with over 3,000 square feet for numerous years, I could rant endlessly on the issues I face here. For a single, this beastly building costs an arm and a leg to keep cool and moderate depending on the season.  I don’t live in a recognizably intense weather conditions as far as weather is distraught, but it’s entirely an uphill battle running a central forced air heating and cooling method when your modern home is so massive. But to make matters worse, I never get the same temperature studying from a single room to the next, and it changes depending on the time of day.  One side of my modern home gets blasted by the early afternoon sun as it rises in the east, while the opposite side of my modern home is inundated with heat while the midday sun slowly arches across the westward sky. I couldn’t get the same temperature throughout my entire modern home at any given time no matter how taxing I try. Finally I broke down and bought a large bunch of mini splits to install throughout the house.  I figured it would be worth a shot to try a ductless zone controlled setup where I can manually adjust hot and cold temperatures throughout the entire modern home and offset the weather conditions conditions outdoors.

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