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Zone control all the way

I have lived in a huge old log cabin for the past few years. Back when I first moved in, there was a single temperature control located in the residing room. Whatever the setting on the temperature control, the oil furnace and a/c worked to actually achieve it, then this meant that the residing room was perfectly comfortable. The dining rooms, located on the first floor, always tend to be in better shape than the rest of the house. If I adjusted the temperature control to accommodate the dining rooms, the a/c would run literally all day long, and the entire first floor would be chilly cold. In the Winter, the oil furnace would barely operate. It was super annoying to be forced to walk downstairs every single day to set the temperature control. If I wanted to conserve energy while I was at work, I’d later head back home to either an overheated or freezing house. Since that happened I have gone ahead and substituted my Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C plan to include zone control. This project was not all that expensive plus has hastily paid for itself. Independent temperature controls were installed in each of the rooms, along with valves in the air duct. The valves take care of the flow of heated or cooled air, allowing customized temperature adjustments. The comfort in the many rooms can now cater to requirement or personal preference. There’s no need to heat or cool empty rooms. The oil furnace plus a/c don’t need to work nearly as hard, and I’ve significantly trimmed yearly utility bills, since the zone control links to smart temperature controls, I can actually make changes through my smartphone or tablet. It doesn’t matter if I’m laying around in my queen sized bed, reading my book on the couch, stuck at task or lying on a beach halfway across the world, because I always have instant access to the operation of the oil furnace plus a/c! Every room in the cabin is always the right temperature.

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