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glad the HVAC is well cared for

Saturday morning came around, bright, beautiful and certainly toasty outside. The indoor temperature was not that relaxing either; I had had home guests in the past – many, a few guests from college that lived far away. Yet never before had I experienced this degree of tension and tons of uncertainty. It is a single thing to be uncomfortable in your own apartment occasionally, but to subject people you truly love to that situation, is not a smooth move.

                 A few nights before, I had called up the HVAC people to reminded them of the appointment they had with my HVAC component that same day! They assured me that all would be well as well as I tried to guess them. It was about seven thirty that morning, when the HVAC van rolled into my yard. Two servicemen alighted, smiled a big smile at me as well as said “Good morning”. I squeezed a smile back! Right away, they grabbed their tools as well as set to work, then all sorts of disturbing thoughts were running through my head.  What if Mrs, coolish was too aged to be tuned? What if these repair techs could do nothing to improve my indoor air quality? The servicemen worked for over an hour or two before they came inside to check if things had been improved at all..

           I was so happy when every one of us set the thermostat as well as in minutes, cool, charming air came pushing through the vents. I could have kissed those techs! My fears instantaneously evaporated as well as everything was back to normal. Both of us all had a charming time with my friends, thanks to relaxing a/c, Mrs. Coolish may have been broken but she was certainly not out. At least, not this time!

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