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Glad they got heated flooring

A few weeks ago when Christmas was approaching, I thought it would be fantastic to take a road trip back lake lake house and spend the holiday season at our parents house. For the past several or 4 years our wife and I had been heading down to her parents while in this time, mostly because they live in a much warmer temperature and the two of us don’t have to be bothered with snow and ice. However this year I wanted to switch things up and visit our folks for a change. When the two of us pulled into our parents driveway and walked through the front door, I did not even guess the lake lake house that I was raised in! All of the ancient couches, televisions, and wallpaper had been replaced with new and new versions. Along with the bulk of all the household items, they had gotten rid of their ancient heated gas furnace. Back when I was still residing with them when I was a kid I would hardly be able to get any sleep while in the freezing Winter season season all because that ancient device was so loud. I think that they thought it was time to make the replace so it did not sound like there was a wild pet wandering around the lake house whenever the heat was running. I asked our parents where they got the currency to make all of these improvements in the house, and all they told me was that christmas came early for them this year. I have definitely no plan what that means, but if it means getting a new heating unit, after that I hope it comes early for us as well!

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