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Glad we have good cooling equipment

Back when I was living up in the north near the mountains, my friends and I were always complaining about how frigid it was. All of us would watch films and see young people on the beach having such a unbelievable time, while every one of us all felt as if every one of us were stuck inside next to the wood stove because there was a blizzard that had just passed through our town. Now that I am much older and living in the south for my job as a professor, I realise just how amazing it was back loft and how much I took it for granted growing up. Down here in the deep south, ¬†there is not much that you can do when it’s tepid outside of a van stay indoors and still got the air conditioner for all it’s worth. Sure you can try to go to the beach, however you just going to end up getting sunburnt and dried out, all while wishing you were inside where the AC is on full power. open the North whenever it’s frigid and snowing, you can still go outside and have a blast. It’s called when you are outside, however if you are running around and having fun your body heats up naturally. When you are officially done for the day, you can always go and sizzling up next to the heated gas oil furnace while checking tepid chocolate. she asked me, the films have it all wrong. The beaches and the surfing is not works out, all the fun is up in the north ¬†where the snow and the sizzling weather gear is endless!

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