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I have spent most of my life in the North.  I care about the changing seasons and I care about how people seem always have the ability to share a nice smile with you.  I live in a small neighborhood where everyone easily knows everybody. They knew the people who used to live in our property, and they are quick to share the gossip of why they sold the house.  They knew where I was from, but I had never told them, and they knew what I did for work. I had to laugh when someone told me all of this and it was the first time I had met her. My spouse was a Heating & Air Conditioning equipment professional and we were in the process of getting his supplier started.  He had been working for a Heating & Air Conditioning equipment supplier that was located in a neighboring city. We wished to have a local Heating & Air Conditioning equipment corporation. We actually hadn’t even announced the upcoming supplier and I had a certain lady stop me recently in the grocery store.  She asked when my spouse was going to open his Heating & Air Conditioning equipment shop. She was telling me she wanted to have her furnace inspected, even though she preferred to stay local if he was going to open the shop soon. I told her he hoped to be starting the supplier in a couple weeks. That evening, I was getting a ton of calls inquiring about servicing and even the intentions of having modern heating equipment before the winter months.  I was telling my spouse and he was flabbergasted. If we actually knew people were waiting for this business to get going, we easily would have started it when we first arrived here, and not waited for the length of a year.

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