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When you work in a repair industry profession, it’s absolutely crucial to remember that the customer is always right, even if the customer happens to be wrong, the customer is still right… I have to keep reminding myself of this rule, especially when customers argue with me regularly. I have been a heating equipment repair professional for practically 8 years, and I have worked on many types of heating equipment. I have worked on sizable commercial boiler systems, and small individual cooling equipment. I have worked on mini-split Heating and Air Conditioning replacements and I have also worked on heat pump upgrades. I have a lot of experience with many types of heating equipment. When a customer questions my opinion, it can be incredibly aggravating. Last week, I went to a heating equipment repair appointment. The customer called because the heating equipment was no longer heating. I investigated the heating system and checked everything off my typical list. I found that the heating equipment was no longer reputable, and I proposed the customer replace the heating system at that time. The customer became super agitated and started yelling and screaming… He was sure of himself that I was wrong, and he wanted me to contact the owner to come look at the heating equipment. I did not actually know what to do, even though I wasn’t going to call the owner of the supplier. I made the choice to call the manager of our Heating and Air Conditioning equipment supplier, and I put him on the iphone with the customer. I have no clue in the slightest what our boss said, however the customer wasn’t glad when he hung up the iphone. I doubt that the people I was with and I will ever work on that heating equipment again.

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