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Last year, our boss agreed to hire a single one of my buddies. Tony is a good guy, & he had a baby on the way. Back when he begged myself and others for a job position, I felt reluctant to say no… My boss agreed to hire Tony to actually work full-time in our HVAC parts warehouse, and the locale has thousands of items that the people I was with and I use everyday… All of the items must be inventoried & accounted for, before they are shipped to various HVAC equipment centers. Tony has been working in the locale for numerous months. Things were going fantastic until last weekend, when Tony didn’t bother to show up to work. He was supposed to work the second shift at the warehouse, & he was in charge of receiving a new shipment of HVAC equipment parts. When Tony entirely failed to show up to relieve the 1st shift crew chief, our boss called his property. There was no answer on the phone, so our boss called me. I tried to call Tony & Stacy on their cell phones, even though I didn’t get either of them to answer. Tony didn’t show up for his work on the next night either, & that is when everyone was beginning to worry. I knew that Tony could be unreliable at times, but it was unofficial circumstances. When I started to really think about the problem, I realized that Stacy could have gone into labor and they might be at the hospital. I started to call a few of the hospitals, & I asked if they had a patient with her name. I found Tony & Stacy at the neighborhood Memorial hospital. When our boss was able to find out that Tony missed work at the HVAC equipment Warehouse, because his girlfriend went into labor, he wasn’t actually mad anymore.

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