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The HEPA filters are making a difference

Getting a new pet in the house without discussing it with your other half is a real pain. This is what happened to me recently when i got home one day and found there was a new pet in our home. I voiced my worries that now, every one of us were going to have to change the air filters like crazy with all that pet hair in the house. My wifey was telling myself and others in our household that she already thought about that, so she made an appointment with the Heating, Ventilation, in addition to the air conditioning supplier to install a quality air purification plan of a system in the house… She said that the air purification plan of a system would help with any pollutants or allergens in the air, in addition to should help a lot with the dog hair. She also said she invested in some of those HEPA air filters to keep everything fresh in the house, so the air quality wouldn’t be ruined with our new family member that is our pet. I still was looking for some excuse to not keep the new pet, but when I seen the love my kids had for this pet, who happened to be a dog, I could not disappoint them. I was a little mad about my wifey doing this without letting me know in advance at first, despite the fact that I actually took a liking to the new family dog. He had a actually nice personality, in addition to he wasn’t even a big trouble dog like a lot of them can be when you first get them into your house. He was fairly simple to potty train in addition to it was fun taking him out for walks, and even though every one of us did have to change the air filters a little more often than usual, it was worth it because this dog was actually the best!

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