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Happy I have the thermostat that I have

Getting a smart thermostat for me and my family has changed all of our lives in a positive way. I am now able to control my entire Heating & A/C system with my phone now which is something that I never knew was possible. The way HVAC technology has come along is more than amazing! The reason it is amazing is because I can adjust the temperature control settings on the thermostat from somewhere that I am able to get a signal on my phone from the internet. As long as I have access to the internet somewhere, I can adjust my temperature control settings on my thermostat for the heating and air conditioning system. This actually comes in handy too because there are various times when I or my wife leave the house & forget to adjust the weather conditions on the heating and air conditioning system. Of course, I learned how to adjust the smart thermostat so that it automatically goes to minimal settings without me having to do a thing when it is needed! The thing is aware of the complete temperature in the house & adjusts as needed to account for my number one preferred temperature control settings on the thermostat on the wall. I have never felt more comfortable in my home as far as I can remember! Also, the savings on my energy bills have been phenomenal beyond belief! When I heard that I would save money on my energy bills just by using the current smart thermostat, I found that hard to believe, but I was very interested. The proof is in the bills though, I have been saving well over 22% & I am actually excited about that more than ever before! There is no way I could ever go back to using a respected programmable thermostat these days.

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