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The appearance of the HVAC

Everyone I know has this clunky looking air handler in their yard.  You can’t miss the air handler, it is like a sore thumb. It just sticks out ruins the landscape.  I think that it should be made to look like part of the landscape. We should be able to find ready-made air handler beautification system.  I talked to the HVAC company and they told me there were many ways to camouflage the air conditioning unit. He said a lot of their customers did landscaping that would be up in front of the AC unit.  They left plenty of space around the unit, to assure good airflow and to give the HVAC company access to the AC unit. We saw some landscaping where you didn’t even there was an air handler there. I especially liked the gazebo that was in front of the air handler.  My husband just wanted to build a box and place it around the air handler. He said that nothing could get into it, but it wouldn’t be so ugly to look at. I was hoping he was kidding, but I knew he wasn’t. The HVAC company told me about his one man that had a Wishing Well built around the air handler.  The air handler was in the middle, where the well would be. He said there was easy access to the AC system, and it looked absolutely beautiful. I knew that was what I wanted to do to beautify my AC unit and my yard. I think it is a necessity and maybe the HOA should make it a mandatory requirement for every home in our

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