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HVAC in the storm port

I’m sure that everyone has heard someone say, ‘any port in a storm’.  I found out what they meant by that statement. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the weather.  It just means that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. It refers to having something happen in your life, that seems insurmountable.  If you find some hope to latch onto that can brighten your outlook for just a moment, you take it. My port came when we were summarily evicted from our home.  We should have known it was coming since we hadn’t paid rent for a couple months. I was not working for almost a year. We did know we would be evicted, because the landlord had told us.  We just thought he wouldn’t really send the sheriff and actually have us put out. We got the eviction notice and they were there. We went from shelter to shelter for a while. I found out about some classes, that are free, and will train me for a good job.  My husband is actively seeking a new job. It is good that we are in a shelter where there is heating and air conditioning. So many shelters don’t have the ability to offer air conditioning and their heating is sketchy, but it is better than being on the streets.  I would like to be in my own home soon, where I can adjust my own thermostat. For now, I am very thankful for the ‘port’ that has come to shelter us from the ‘storm’. I’m also grateful for the heating and air conditioning to keep us safe and comfortable.


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