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How the radon removal kit will work

My grandmother is a bit eccentric and her gifts are a true reflection of who she is.  A couple years ago, she bought me a digital clock. I thought it was kind of odd to buy a young woman a digital clock, but she must have known what she was doing.  I now take my digital clock with me, everywhere I go. It is made so that it will automatically reset, regardless of what time zone I am in. Last year she bought me a battery tester.  Grandma told me that no real woman should go without a battery tester. You never know when you are going to need to know if it is a power failure or that the battery died. I was shocked when I found a chance to use it, just a couple days later.  This year, grandma bought me a radon testing kit. It was truly original in thought, but I hadn’t yet told her I was buying a house. I put the radon test kit to work, as soon as I moved into the house. I read everything about the radon test kit, and I realized it was a really good kit.  The only thing wrong was that I had to put the radon test kit into different areas of the house. This allowed the radon test to make sure there are higher concentrations of radon in some area, but not the others. I was happy to find that I didn’t have any areas where the radon was even close to what is allowable.  I didn’t have to worry about radon, but I will be sure to check every once in a while.

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