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how to quickly get rid of radon

I am a bit anal when it comes to the need of good air quality.  I wouldn’t be happy if I did not think I was only breathing in pure air.  I have an air purifier with a UV light to help to keep my air clean. I made sure to add the UV light so I have few to no pollutants in air.  I also have a carbon monoxide detector in my home. There is something about a gas that is colorless, odorless and tasteless, being in my home.  Carbon monoxide can be deadly over a few hours. Radon needs a long amount of exposure to become deadly. Although I do all I can to achieve good air quality, I don’t seem to be doing enough.  I can caulk around my foundation to ensure there are no fissures that could allow for the radon gas to enter. This would be inside and outside walls, cracks in the flooring, or anything that is in the ground floor.  I may sound paranoid, but I actually do radon testing about twice a year. They told my air purifier can help to an extent, but unless I have low amounts of radon, the air purifier is like spit on a fire. Opening windows and fans help to increase ventilation which will help to force the radon outside.  You can also go to a radon mitigation specialist and have a 3 – 4 inch gas pipe extended from the basement to the attic. With the help of ventilation fans, the radon gas is forced through the pipe and out into the open air.

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