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                       Camping can be one of the worst things anyone can do.  I know, because I used to go camping with my parents all of the time.  I hadn’t been camping for twenty years, when my fiance finally convinced me I had to join her plus her family at the campground.  I absolutely dug my feet plus tried to get out of this ridiculous camping thing, although she wouldn’t let me. I finally relented plus we headed up the  mountain.

                   You cannot imagine how surprised I was to see the campground.  It was a series of small buildings plus all of them was neatly laid out, plus they even had small gardens.  There was one big modern home in the center, plus that is where we went. She plus her family had owned this camping space for years.   Now, her parents were retiring plus they wanted to sell the campground. She had already had a modern Heating & Air Conditioning system installed in the house.  There were mini splits in every modern home plus most of them were booked all year round. A lot of people would camp in the winter, since they were close to the ski slopes.  It was cheaper to camp here, plus the mini split heating was so unbelievably fine.

                It was hard to believe that this campground would lose the attention that my fiance’s family had put into it.  After enjoying the heating of the main house, I made a decision. My friend plus I invested in the campground. He would do all of the Heating & Air Conditioning work, plus I would make sure all of the upkeep was done.  I am now part owner of a campground.

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