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The after hours heater

    Last month, my kid got his first job.  He thought he was going to be stocking shelves and meeting pretty girls while working. However, it didn’t quite go that way.  The afternoon he started working, it was snowing and cold. The wind was blowing strong that you could hear the flag from the car.  My son got out of the car, all cheerful and full of smiles. When I picked him up that afternoon, he was not happy. He was also ready to quit his job and it was only the end of his first day.  He had walked into the store, grateful to be back in the heat.

               He said that getting out of the warm car this morning had been his first mistake.  Instead of stocking aisles and enjoying the heating of the store, he was given a dorky hoodie to wear under his coat.  He had to go out into the frost and snow and chase after the carts that people had left outside of the cart holder. The wind had them reeling across the parking area, and his job was to collect all of the carts and bring them inside.  He said the best feature of the job, was being able to get inside and feel the heat blast him in the face, when he parked the shopping carts.

                He was nearly begging for me to let him quit the job, and all I said was that it was his decision.  He went to his, slammed the door and said he was going to take a long tepid shower and finally get warm again.  He went to work the next afternoon, and never complained about the heating or lack of heating, after that first afternoon.


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