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glad the cooling system will be looked at

The month may not be over yet, but I am more than ready for it to be done and in the books. I have been legitimately busy at work, and this is the season for cooling system repairs plus service calls. So I have a small cooling system company, where we service the region. My dad and I work together since the two of us both supply cooling system services, as well as replacement services. My dad tested cooling systems for the thick majority of his life, and this was well before you needed to be certified to handle this equipment! Though he retired a few years ago, I wanted to find a job in HVAC services. I spent a few years working at a national HVAC service chain and learned tons about repairs and replacement of parts and units. When I told Dad that I was thinking about opening my own cooling system service shop, he insisted on offering help in any way he could! He was already retired and all though he wanted to work at least three days a week to help me out with my business. The two of us worked on cooling systems, furnaces, and even heat pumps for seven days out of each week this month! Lately, if I am not truly working, then my dad is out there in the field working in my place. This month has been especially busy because both of us have working most days, and that’s because this is the season when everyone wants annual service on their cooling system. I just can’t wait for a nice weekend off!

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