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My partner and I took the kid with us to find a used car. Believe it or not, our boy was turning 18 this week. Not only that, but he has plans to move away for school! Since he was going to live in a small apartment with his friends, the two of us wanted to buy him a nice, reliable car that he can sleep in when he’s sick of his friends. There was a large selection of used trucks, SUVs and sedans at the dealership we went to, and I searched around the grounds for about twenty minutes before a salesperson came out to greet us. A nice woman named Stephanie came out to talk to us, and she answered all of our questions to help us find the car we wanted. We decided on this mid-size pickup truck with a surprising amount of torque! We went back into the building to fill out all of the paperwork, and there we sat in the office to get the files signed and sorted out. This machine was on the wall that looked like a small room air conditioner, so I felt obliged to ask my wife if it was a radiator or A/C unit. She smiled, saying it was indeed a ductless mini-split air conditioning unit. To be specific, it was the indoor piece of the system that actually brought air into the building. I just knew my partner would know the answer! Even though she does not work on HVAC equipment anymore, she still knows everything about the business since she works in the finance department for a local HVAC parts distributor. She explained to me how their ductless HVAC component worked, and the two of us waited for Stephanie to finish our paperwork. It was nice to relax in such a cool, comfortable office with excellent air quality, because the truck we bought definitely didn’t have the best A/C. It’s a good thing we live in a cool region!

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