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An oil based heater

My partner as well as I live up on the mountain, so our driveway is long and steep like the mountain we live on. In the winter, it’s really quite the challenge to access the house without four-wheel drive. Sometimes we can’t even get up the driveway in our Jeep! We often have to keep an ATV at the bottom of the driveway, closed off in a weatherproof shack. During the winter weeks, the two of us use the ATV to run back as well as forth between the house as well as our cars. It can get far too icy to drive up the mountain, so this is our only option! Winter was bad last year, so the two of us had more snow and ice than the past several years combined. Yes – combined! The temperatures outside were ice-cold, and the wind – oh the wind, it was so bad! The people I was with and I used the oil furnace frequently that winter, and in no time we ran out of oil. It was the middle of December, too! My partner as well as I had plenty of cash to spare for buying more oil, but the company refused to drive up the mountain – we didn’t blame them. My partner as well as I knew this was going to be a problem, so the two of us did not have too many options. The oil company would not bring us any fuel until they could drive all the way to our front door! My partner as well as I had to wait until the middle of March to use our oil furnace again. In the meantime, we relied on a few space heaters we bought from the hardware store. By then, we had a space heater in our bedroom, dining room, and one right outside the bathroom as well. It barely made a dent in the icy chilly air, but it was just enough for us to not die!

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